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 Teaching Materials    Schemes of Work

Lesotho in the Curriculum

Lesotho Reception

We Have Friends in Lesotho
Foundation Stage Citizenship

KS1 Citizenship

KS1 Geography

Where is Lesotho?

Map of Lesotho

Lesotho Airports
KS2 Geography - Tree Planning

Foundation Stage Geography

Durham Lesotho Link


 Lesson Planning Materials

Year 1 - Focus on Arts & Portraits

Year 2 - Lesotho Art (Pt1)

Year 2 - Lesotho Art (Pt2)

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Year 3 - Citizenship (Pt1)

Year 3 - Citizenship (Pt2)

Year 3 - Focus Art
Year 4 - Citizenship

Year 4 - Focus Art

Year 5 - Citizenship

 Lesotho DVD ISO Download

DVD ISO File Download and its MDS File

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Year 5 - Focus Art

Year 6 - Citizenship

Year 6 - Focus Art


 Lesotho Imagery for Download
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