In the past five years alone, the amount of land in Lesotho capable of growing crops has dropped from 10 percent to 9 percent.

LINK Response

In 2008 we established a nature trail was established  at the LINK site, we built a bio gas unit for the buildings, a bird hide was established and we began a regular bird survey which has already identified over 80 species at the site. We have developed a tree nursery and on world environment day managed to plant over 1000 trees around  local schools. We have run courses in environmental studies for school teachers and introduced environmental education as part of our regular courses with school groups. We have a number of solar panels for water heating and have started re cycling and composting on site. In 2010 we ran 10 environmental awareness courses for local teachers and did 7 days of tree planting at local schools providing all the trees for the schools. .This project was supported by the Global Environment Fund.

Building has been completed of an environmental resource centre with classroom and IT room that can be used to develop the training and teaching done on site.