FEEDING BODY AND SOUL : helping people to help themselves 

Two great principles, two great initiatives, two core projects of the LINK.

Helping Children who Care - Child Headed Households Project

Picture this: you are just thirteen years old, orphaned with three younger siblings and an elderly ailing grandparent…and somehow you have to care for them all. Life for you is an unrelenting daily struggle to provide the basic necessities of life. Imagine being given not only the chance of a respite care holiday with other young carers, but also being given the help to build and maintain a key-hole garden outside your home, providing you and your family with fresh vegetables throughout the year. This is the LINK’s Child Headed Households Project in Lesotho – helping youngsters to help themselves

Key Hole Gaden

Child Family Head


Lay Ministers Training Programme Project

Imagine that you live in a remote rural area where many people worship faithfully week by week. Unfortunately, because of distances and clergy shortages the priest can only visit occasionally, and the church receives little Bible teaching. You long to be able to teach them more about their faith, to preach God’s word, to grow them as Christ’s disciples. Imagine being given the opportunity to train as a lay minister, learning what and how to communicate, being equipped to teach and preach.

This is the Lay Ministers Training Programme - A partnership between the Durham Lesotho LINK and the Christian Education department of the diocese of Lesotho.   

The Durham Lesotho LINK – feeding body and soul, helping people to help themselves…

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