2010 UK Container ArrivesThe Durham Lesotho LINK was established in 1986 as a partnership between the two dioceses of Lesotho and Durham, with a strong developmental element at its heart. It has initiated a wide range of projects, always aiming to make a difference in the lives of the people at both ends of the LINK. It is a tangible expression of our oneness in the Body of Christ.

The LINK functions as a window on the world, giving a focussed and more personal angle on developing world issues such as poverty, climate change, inequality, dependency, AIDS and on Christianity in the developing world.

Past projects include:

  • Building a community health centre and a community education centre
  • A large scale forestry programme
  • A micro enterprise loans scheme to help start small businesses
  • Poultry units for 20 schools in Lesotho
  • Training projects in outdoor activities for disadvantaged young people
  • Typical White River DormatoryExchange programmes, visits, scholarships and training programmes
  • Containers of resources to support LINK initiatives
  • Assisting in the establishment and operation of two orphanages

For information about our current projects please visit our Projects pages