Unemployment in Lesotho is around 40% of the population as a whole and is 79% amongst the country's youth
In a population of 1.8 million,  180,000 children are estimated to have lost at least one parent

Ha Mohatlane Vocational School

The LINK runs a vocational school for young adults at Ha Mohatlane, in a more remote part of Lesotho. The school currently offers courses in carpentry, welding and metalwork, block building, sewing and agriculture. 50 students are currently enrolled. The school is in desperate need of new tools and materials as well as funding for income generating projects such as block building, poultry rearing and tree planting.

Metalworking Shop at Ha Mohatlane
Metalworking Shop
Sewing Course at Ha Mohatlane
Sewing Course
Agricultural Course at Ha Mohatlane
Agricultural Course