Over half the population of Lesotho are under 18
50% live below the base poverty line

LINK Response

The LINK Response is a coalition of organisations representing some of the most underprivileged members of the community including the mentally and physically disadvantaged, the deaf, street children and young offenders are supported by the LINK. We run courses in team development, building confidence, in life skills, HIV/AIDS education, self awareness and assertiveness using the medium of outdoor activities. This initiative by the Basotho of organisations working together is quite unusual in Lesotho.

Primary Schools
We run Active Learning courses for final year primary school children. Each class of about 60 children spends a day at the LINK site rotating around 5 activities through which they learn about HIV/AIDS, Christian faith, caring for the environment and team building. They are transported from their school to the LINK and be provided with a midday meal. These days are extremely popular with teachers and pupils alike, affording a rare opportunity for education outside the confines of the classroom.

Working in conjunction with the Anglican church in Lesotho we run Christian camps for young people with 40 people on each 5 day camp.

The LINK provides food and accommodation for all the participants as well as a full activity programme, whilst the spiritual programme is delivered by their church and youth leaders.